Sister dear in May – a poem on her birthday

To sister dear
whom shall
I fear?

When tears tumbled
and uncertainty hearkened
my countenance
never darkened

as those paths
were loathe to narrow
but that light gifted
by way of you.

She who lended
her faith when those
who conspired
to keep me
in my place.

Bro, get up, you are
made of sterner stuff.

Redeemed and fortified
no sibling rivalry
in these parts…
as sister dear

you are a star
and my adoration
is never far

so on your day special day
and everyday.

I bellow like my
old man used
to say:

“Kita May!”

I acknowledge you on this 23rd day.

On your birthday, I thank you for reminding me of my power in many of my darkest hours.

Copyright © 2022 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved


1 Comment

  1. Vashti Cleveland-Dorsey says:

    That was beautiful

    Vashti J. Dorsey

    Liked by 1 person

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