Words to son on yet another orbit around the sun – A poem

Words on another
orbit round the sun
or prose for son.

From Dad.


Is this thing on?

Your entrance was
where it began.

So… shall we begin?

That day
in the Spring
not long ago
it seems –

when those
clouds parted

and blessings rained down
from ethereal places

in the form of you.

Immobilized and awestruck
at the conscripts
of duty

Of the most honorable
promotion –
one that fueled
a glorious commotion
in my spirit.

Had I known
that this spark
which flickered
would burn bright
to light the darkest
parts of me.

Through you
I learned to
see deeply
and consequentially
in those frequencies
of humanity

Verily it was spoken
that it was bigger
than me –
them paths
of Fatherhood
to redeem

The redemption gifted by serving a cause greater than self.

Copyright © 2022 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved



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