Of gratitude for my Fathers

You Black men
my Fathers.
Those who bothered
to withstand
the darts of
refusing to cower
perseverance in the darkest hours
to espouse that
flower or rather
a tower –
of manhood and a
humanity that
would not be denied.

These Black men
clothed in the royalty
of their sacrifice

my Fathers
who gifted
me with a conscription
of their wherewithal…

that power
to dispose of the
notions that
I am not supposed
to reflect your light
or the insanity that my
skin is a sin.

You of me equals
my attitude of

This torch.

that I wield
never fall from
my hand.

A collection of my Father, Grandfather’s, a 2nd Great Grandfather and (2) 3rd Great Grandfathers

Copyright © 2022 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved.



  1. Very nice. ✊🏼


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