Lessons from the Ancients: “Them bums”

Secrets to a long life.

I studied at the feet of my Elders and they spoke to me in the frequencies of love.

One of my greatest teachers came in the form of my Bigmama, who would always exercise her franchise to vote as she often would opine:

“Shit… you better get out there and vote them bums outta office.” and she would lean forward when she said it… (that demonstrated that she meant it) and when she couldn’t get to the polls herself, my older brother and dedicated public servant always made sure that she was able to flex that political muscle.

My Bigmama at the polls with my brother in tow circa (2016).

Whether my Bigmama influenced the political compass or how many bums she voted out of office, it matters none.

Actually, I see it as much more than that.

The symbolism, the defiance that she always demonstrated in the face of anything that stood in her way, was her gift to me.

My Bigmama graced this Earth for 97 years and she voted, religiously.

Because of that.


I’ve always voted, armed with the same notions that informed why she did it.
Honoring the Ancestors is an example of the why?

Now it seems… them bums is in there and I shudder to think what she would say.

Me and my Bigmama back when.

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