Roses from the Windy

Photo inset (2 Authors) circa 2013, before they were authors.

Drive by poetry
on birthdays.

Created this prose
as I reposed
in my kitchen –
from the top
of my dome.

During a storm (and the lights went off twice) words for my dear friend and fellow Author… Nichole Nelson-Phillips (buy her book)… gon’ head!

Two examples of the legions from Near North High School – those Mighty Huskies. That gem in the heart of the Near North side of Chicago – where we learned to perseverve and stand stall, impervious to the hoarseness of defeat.

Who would have thought
that roses from
the North Near North side –

children from
that school nestled
in the notorious
mythos of Cabrini –
the successors of Cooley
in the Windy City –

would disperse
from outside of
familiar confines –
to smote contradictions
with impeccable diction
inspiration as vocation
or authors
of melanated sort.

The area… where the school once stood? Now stands homes, some valued on the low end of a half million dollars.

Copyright © 2022 All Rights Reserved.


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