Random frequencies

Challenge appected (poetry prompt) for prose that echoed the senusal, like Marvin, infused with the estoeric for those can who hear it. So... here is what I conscripted at moment's notice:
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Metaphors at the water’s edge.

The exquisiteness of
the labyrinthine contours
loses the wanderer in
that which intertwines

likened to thighs or
segues to galaxies
that are paramount… or parallel
to the divine –

gon’ and tellfor those longing
for a taste
in a place perpendicular
to haste

hard pause
or about face…

as the humbled are known
to aspire… to quench fires
in stations
of grace
those keys…

repurposed for overriding curses
versus being
scattered into
random frequencies
of interdimensional pangs…

sentenced to drown in the surging waters.

while the congregation exclaims:

“Ain’t that a crying shame?”

Copyright © 2022 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved.

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