Prose on stomping grounds

Poetry crafted
while walking
in my old stomping
grounds or origin story

Oh Lawdy…
let us ensue.
or begin?

Ahem… and then.

That man from the Windy Land
me, indelibly
Shun P.
on the grounds
where I got down
as a young man
or a Youngblood
like my Daddy said –

where I first
put words together
to understand
aspiring to be understood
as I withstood
the volleys
of dispersions and stereotypes
refusing to
believe the hype.

From a little Black Boy
told that his
skin was a sin –
to the grown man
wielding knees that
are loathe to
bend –
a fortitiude
known to be the opposite
of pretend.

Standing here in Windy Land
those noble parts
that supplied that
spark for me
to grab the pen –

those reflections
from where it
all began.


I don’t care… this is the Sears Tower.

Copyright © 2022 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved.


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