The pontificating class

Sidebar or Authors note: This was part of a word improv challenge, where I had to use 6 words:

legerdemain, parsimony, bluster, alderwoman, subterfuge and bastion in a story or poem format.

So... I chose the weapon of poetry and the issue surrounding the invasion of the domain of women in the states (hey you know) and here we are... I wrote this laying in bed staring at a dark ceiling.

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Reality dispensed
with no rehearsal

As the legerdemain of
pontificating class
is on full display

art imitates life
or life doing art

rights wrested away
with nary a delay

as the owners
of the temple –

the alderwoman of it –
mind you

metaphorically, figuratively
and physically

have no say
about that
bastion of them

(clearing phlegm)
this aint pretend

tapping back in –
no domain

of their person…
their body.

I can’t call it
what does that
got to do
with you?

Control of others
to smother
of self

the bemirsched
using subterfuge
of insidious frequencies

legal tender –

is how they figured
to usher in
a parsimony
of investing
in the spirit

running parallel to
minding yo’ own damn

because it is
easier to
mind that
others… or theirs

deadening of deafening
to those who
can hear it…
and doubly so for
those daring to withstand
the bluster,
calamity and audacity…
of the pontificating

Copyright © 2022 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved.


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