Leviathan of inhumanity

For me to watch
would be like
contributing to
the Leviathan
of inhumanity
inhumane deranged
ordained but
not consecrated by good
but via
evil –

those tendrils
that infiltrate
the sociopolitical
order no need
for Dora to

no allocation
for that
but the storm
of our inhumanity ain’t near…
it is right here
I fear.

Are we not entertained?
I’m ashamed to
see humans
subcontracting their humanity
to the margins
in pursuit of
glory, titles, conscriptions
to history
via false stories
telling Santoes
in reduxes
while sending
sons, daughters
mothers, fathers
uncles, nephews
nieces, cousins
to ethereal homes
too soon.

Leaving families
in pieces broken
in the wake.

We are desensitized
infected, consumed with
the wrong thing
serving false Gods
tantamount to kneeling
to Zod or Baal
either or
muy mal
we is what we is
because we choose
to stand
for nothing.

In pursuit of likes
instead of God’s

We go shallow
and hollow
navigating the myriad
of thoughts and
prayers via shouts
pontificating and
blank stares.

Oh lord have mercy
is we is or is
ain’t worthy?

A link to a live reading… over drums: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRsCw4xP/

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