Humanity and the city

If serial acts of cruelty
against your
fellow man

Is what inspires you

If this… brings
you joy?

Rather than acts
marinated in the spirit
of selflessness

pray tell
does that
say about

No milk of human kindness, just dryness.

Is your soul
devoid of worth?

How is the art
of besmirching
ad hominem
to demonstrate
that we truly
don’t give
a damnsomehow okay?

Is this
the way
to get ahead
in the city?

But I digress
to say
the land of the plenty
while our brethen
on the streets
can’t seem to get any

oh shiggitty
it ain’t pretty
as we do dirt
amid the underpinnings
of rudeness,
bad manners
and ill grammar

we celebrate it
the lack
of social graces…

I ain’t saying
no names
or alluding to
no orange faces
this is prose
simply put

but it remains
to be seen
if the sheen of
inhumanity will prevail –
as that which
was torn asunder
built back better
reaching to
higher elevations

showing the indefatigable
perservance of that
human spirit…

be still
and hear it
don’t fear it

we can be better –
if we aspire to act
as vessels to
distribute worth
not curses.

It don’t sleep, the city where eyes don’t crease.
Eldridge & Hester (NYC)

Words picked
up on the
streets of
New York
no rehersal

have pen
do travel
to unravel words
from the waters

The Big 🍎

Copyright © 2023 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved


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