Why do we squint when looking into the light?

“…they fear the prospect of going blind …”

An epiphany of fear

The scariest thing isn’t conspiracies, monsters, principalities and the like. But, it is something far more sinister. It is those who sit, blissfully, behind walls of fortified ignorance, convinced that they have it all figured out. In all of their omnipotence, they are still too selfish to share the enlightenment with the rest of us.Continue reading “An epiphany of fear”

Harboring hatred towards stupidity when love isn’t enough

It is often said that “HATE” is a strong word. But what else encapsulates the feeling that we are forced to contend with when we encounter actions that are the opposite of LOVE? The news headlines that flash across the screens of our computers, tablets, smart phones and the like become more sordid by the moment.Continue reading “Harboring hatred towards stupidity when love isn’t enough”