Why do we squint when looking into the light?

People don’t like to squint.

The very act of squinting is an involuntary and instinctive reflex.

We alternate between emitting our own light and reflecting the light of others.
Squinting strains the eyes, but it allows us to see what would otherwise be obscured.

But, the reality is that we don’t see what we are squinting at in its entirety.

Often people see something inside of us that is wholly absent in themselves.


They squint because they fear the prospect of going blind.

Something inside of you, your light…
Is causing them discomfort.

Some make the error of trying to artificially obscure or accommodate the discomfort and disaffection of others.

But the lies that we are told and the lies that we tell ourselves…

Is just that, a lie.

Don’t be manipulated.

Don’t dim your light.

Don’t be your own eclipse.


You can’t orbit a moon when you are a planet.

Keep Shining.

And if you must, blind them with impunity.

Copyright © 2018 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved

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