The act of living… On borrowed time.

Throughout my life my life I’ve had more than my share of close calls, at the conclusion of each event, I’ve always dusted myself off and chuckled at my good fortune and kept it moving. This year wasn’t any different than my previous episodes on this planet, except that my own mortality gave me the proverbial tap on the shoulder to remind me that we all are here on borrowed time.



In 2012 I had two close calls, one of them being a brush with death that really pulled everything together. For me looking at things in retrospect has tended to be the best teacher, in the past looking at things through the prism of time has tended to weight me down because I’ve constantly replayed in my mind what “could’ve have been” rather than “what will be going forward”.

Time has revealed itself to me in a multitude of ways in my travels on this planet. At this juncture in my life, I am convinced that I am seeing my life with even more clarity. As I am learning that if I lean on time more as a reference point, rather than a pool of anger for me to skip my regrets off of, that my purpose actually becomes clearer with each passing day.


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