Shun P.'s interactions with Mother Nature

The world that we live in is toxic at best. In order to have any semblance of sanity is to develop some type of mechanism to cleanse ourselves from that which which wear away at the very core of who we are.  Years ago I found that escape in nature, it is a dumping ground for the madness that is often my everyday existence.

In the absence of noise pollution and the sensory overload of the urban jungle I find peace…


At first glance you wouldn’t think that Baltimore’s Herring Run Park is polluted and that is recommended that people not come in contact with the water, but it is. Amazingly, this doesn’t take away from the solace that many parts of it holds.


Gunpowder Falls is one of the most beautiful places in Maryland. It never ceases to amaze me how each area is vastly different that the next…

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