The fight, knockdown and the victory

Your prison cannot encase.

Escape, excursion, extraction.

The invective you spew provides no traction.





Illustration, presence, demeanor.

Running counter to your dissipation.

Dispersing truth.

To contend with your alibi
forged in lies…

Fortified, disguised in league with

Misinformation, irritation.

Hearing the whispers grow…

From a murmur to a shout

and thusly you cannot account..

For the cracks in the foundation of your careful coifed illusion, as your dam breaks.

Repatriation, liberation, redefinition is mine for the taking.

Leaving you…

A shell, to be broken, trampled, dismantled.

Out like a light, down for the count

I stand victorious,



Winning the title



define myself.


  1. Stephen Thom says:

    Nice one man. Metaphorically or literally, I saw it was tagged boxing and I chose myself to imagine it portraying a literal situation, I haven’t read enough sporting prose online and enjoyed it as such, but it works both ways 🙂


    1. shunpwrites says:

      Thanks Stephen, I appreciate it man!


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