Friends as meteorites

I consider life’s journey as a jigsaw puzzle, in that each individual piece is a component to the whole. The people that I have encountered on my journey have given much and often when I consider the impact that they have had on me personally, it pains me that many people may be oblivious to the sway the have had on my direction.

I feel compelled to climb to the highest pinnacle of the Earth and sing the praises of each person, friend and foe who has provided me with an proverbial nudge of sorts, but that I would be an impossibility I fear.

I’ve often alluded the metaphor rich environment that simply being still and being one with the solace of your surroundings can provide, while sitting on the edge of the Patuxent River on Solomons Island this weekend, another metaphor manifested itself as I reflected on the actors in the play of my life.


I liken friends to meteorites…


Allow me to clarify.

Meteoroids become meteors when they come into contact with the atmosphere of a planet. They make their presence known by virtue of a streak of light in the sky. The debris that survives the descent to the surface of the planet are called meteorites.

Consider this.

Our friends (meteorites) are pulled into our orbits by the gravity of who we (planets) are. Their exterior is burned away as they descend into our (atmosphere) core, depending on who they are is the determining factor if they as the “meteorite” will be vaporized or if they will arrive to the surface to become a part of our terrain.

How hardy is your atmosphere?

How many meteorites are on your surface?

How many have you vaporized?


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  1. Uncle Tree says:

    I like your sense of humor here. 🙂 Nice to meet you! Cheerz, Uncle Tree


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