Thinking about overthinking


As I sat here this afternoon doing battle with the flies that seemed to be hell bent on finding an entrance into my head via my ears.

And… I waited for peace to smother me in its embrace.


I often ruminate on how I got to this point, and I have to admit that I’ve yet to come up with an answer that clears the air.


How did a kid from Chicago’s Northwest side find himself ensconced in the bosom of Mother Nature on a regular basis?

I have no answers.

I grew up on a heavy diet of Lake Michigan. However, the “everythingness” that is the Windy City will never succumb to the deception that you are somewhere other than in her orbit.

As I sit in these assorted venues throughout Maryland…

I get the exact opposite.

I have to keep my guard up from those vexing questions that I pepper myself with… Fearful of the answer(s) that I may get.

Overthinking… Is a poison that is extremely contagious, isn’t it enough that I have a dumping ground for that which would burden me?

The crescendo of the water.

Is hypnotic, cleansing…

But I can’t leave it at that, because that would be too much like right.


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