Inhumanity doesn’t take sick days – France, Earth and beyond

France… The terrorist attacks have been a mainstay on television screens since yesterday. When I got in from the office I watched with baited breath for roughly an hour, before opting to disconnect.

Today I stood here and I ruminated.


Injustice, intolerance, wanton ignorance.

The consistent travesty, that “gift”that keeps on giving:

“Man’s inhumanity towards man”

It happens on the daily.

It has no vacation time, no PTO’s, no floating holidays that it cares to utilize, as it is on the job EVERY single day.

The rage, the incredulity that should color our actions should be omnipresent, but it takes a backseat to the fragility of:

“I can’t deal with this. So, I choose not to know.”

Why does the tapestry of history repulse those who could benefit from it the most?

What of cause and effect?

What is it that powers the why?

When does the indefensible become a rallying cry for us to do what is hard?

To be human.

Mourn for France? Yes, I can do that…

But… I’m little preoccupied with mourning for Earth and if we colonize the Moon and Mars, I’ll take my mourning on an intergalactic level.

What will it take for humanity to move from the sidelines and into the fray?


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