Inhumanity doesn’t take sick days – France, Earth and beyond

Terrorism in France, terror attack

Prayer – You can’t put it in a box

One of my readers, that I have the dual privilege of being a subscriber to his blog as well asked me to expand on a statement that I made previously about prayer being an action, it was an epiphany of sorts as I’ve come to the realization that prayer is more than a stoic actContinue reading “Prayer – You can’t put it in a box”

Falling down…

Running deeper than… Mere appearances, reflections. Your demeanor, presence, your aura is an eyesore. They have, fell, falling and are sliding further… I fear. That you need more than hands… To procure, secure and suture the wounds. You cry. But your muffled wails for attention, betray… The conflagration that is your lot. Your hauteur breedsContinue reading “Falling down…”