The wholeness

Wasting entreaties on pieces of the puzzle – rather than tendering prayers to be made “whole” as God’s grace can’t be supported by “fractions”. Copyright © 2016 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved

Inhumanity doesn’t take sick days – France, Earth and beyond

Terrorism in France, terror attack

Longing for grace

As I stood here engrossed in thought, wondering. If I aspire to see God’s face. Knowing that this fixation will ensure that I remain unencumbered, by that which would serve to distract me from my freedom. That being said, why is this endeavor wraught with so much difficulty? The distractions of my journey have theContinue reading “Longing for grace”

Harboring treasonous thoughts or not?

In a world where the foundation is skewed towards the slow erosion of our humanity in exchange for likes and shares. I find that I have grown jaded, much to my dismay. Endeavoring to be consequential is met with a proverbial rolling of the eyes. Where admitting that you are a flawed, malleable, yet functioningContinue reading “Harboring treasonous thoughts or not?”

My letter to God – Is it blasphemy to place you in a box?

God… Lord… Master of all I survey and then some… You have many names and yet you respond to all of them, don’t you? I’ve wrestled with these feelings for some time now and as you know it came to a head this afternoon. I was in church. I was in your house, I wasContinue reading “My letter to God – Is it blasphemy to place you in a box?”

A Holiday rant: Ho, Ho… Awwww, shut your piehole!

I can’t shake this persistent feeling of being jaded during this holiday season, admittedly this has been something building up inside of me for quite some time and I have been successful in pushing it to the recesses of my mind but, I’m tired of kicking the proverbial can down the road, because I haveContinue reading “A Holiday rant: Ho, Ho… Awwww, shut your piehole!”