How is your insulation?

As I walked today…


Through the confines of Baltimore’s Patterson Park on my lunch break.

I did so without the use of headphones, as the parks in the city don’t afford me with the solace point and insulation from the outside world that the State Parks do.

I was grateful that I didn’t fall victim to the illusion of warmth that the sunshine flowing through the office would have had me believe.

As the wind blew, it reminded me in no uncertain terms, that it was still winter.


It hit me.

I was warm, I was insulated.

And I remembered the sage wisdom from my Momma.

When I was a boy and it was cold out she used to always say:

“Don’t walk outside trying to be cute, put on your hat!”

I smiled quietly as I walked my 2 miles.

Enveloped by this epiphany about being insulated from the elements.

If silver is regarded as the best conductor of electricity, it stands to reason that a lack of faith is the best conductor to facilitate the current of failure.


That being said…

When was the last time you checked your insulation?

Are you going out into the world trying to be cute?

Or do you have on your hat?

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