A birthday dedication to my son

When I look through the wormhole of time.

It is hard to reconcile the person that I was prior to receiving this mandate of fatherhood.

I had no manual – at many points during this journey it was trial by error.


When the fear of what I didn’t know threatened – it was chased away by the indomitable frequency of love.

That afternoon in the spring; in the delivery room over 2 decades ago.

The piercing shrill from a squirming bundle of life awoke something inside of me – something that I didn’t know existed.

That there was something bigger than myself.

I knew that being a father meant sacrifice and your Grandfather was prescient in telling me that:

“It wasn’t about me anymore”.

Accordingly, those words echoed.

If I ever faltered, failed or let you down.

I apologize.


It is critical that you know that love and adoration has always been a central component of anything that I’ve done as it pertains to you.

It is the honor of my life to be your Father.

Bearing witness to the man that you have become has strengthened my resolve and rebuilt what was the tattered confines of my faith.

You being here.

You being you.

You being in my orbit.

Serves as a testament – that if someone this consequential and good could be a part of me, then how could I doubt the power and majesty of God’s grace?

Me standing unchanged by this truth would be blasphemous at best.

I thank you.

For redeeming my faith in humanity and serving as a lighthouse for me to be a better human being.

You are the best person that I know.

And on this transitional birthday – I pray that your cup will overflow with the grace that is yours for the taking, because you are more than worthy.

Happy Birthday son.



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    1. Thank you ma’am.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Will S. says:

    Happy Birthday to little man. 👍🏽


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