The make up that we wear

Often people are loud on the outside, because they are unable to contend with the tempest inside.

Their bravado distracts from the probing eyes of others – and masks their cowardice and inability to face the nemesis – in the form of themselves.

Inkspills via the ink pen.

This implement that we use to conceal our blemishes and imperfections, leaning on it with an impunity that defies explanation.

That crutch that serves as an illusion or segue (if you will) to claiming beauty as our mandate, even while being governed by false smiles.

We pray that the masses are enamored with our visage while ignoring the screams of conflict that rages within.

Instead of facing the nemesis – we opt to deny what we know to be true.

We embrace the lies, because it is more palatable than the truth.

We eschew vulnerability, reflection and humility – in deference to those who have it all figured out (when in reality they don’t).

We wear make up…

And social media is the preferred brand of most.

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