Of Parents and Time Travel

Those moments when you see your parents in the eyes blinking back at you.

A rending of the parental units

The parental units.

Well this happened to me recently and my thoughts raced back to that time my parents threatened to knock me into next week and I started wondering…

What if they miscalculated the trajectory and accidentally knocked me into the 21st century?

That would make me a time traveler (imagine that).

I think this is how I found my way into the 21 century.

Looking back and forward

We time travel with our memories serving as the fuel…

Is it so far-fetched to believe that my parents had the audacity to breach the confines of time travel and they were simply being coy about it?

I distinctly remember being 10 years old, I promise you (refer to the picture above).


I did run this hypothesis by my Mother not too recently and I asked her if she could “knock me back” to the mid-1980’s or another time where I was living rent free – if I was able to get the formula and the velocity isolated? 

She looked at me incredulously before telling me to stop talking crazy.

I think she’s holding out, I’m certain of it.

I’m just playing… I think.



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