When the newspaper whispered

When I came across the newspaper clipping announcing my Grandpa Tipton’s arrival into town – I took note of the date, September 6, 1884 and it took awhile before the gravity of it all began to set in.

It confirmed what I was able to discern from the countenances of my Ancestors in the aged photo.

My Grandma and Grandpa Tipton

My 3rd Great Grandparents were a proud people and they both wielded a presence which demanded that it be acknowledged. I often see this same energy in the form of my family and it always inspires me.

I just wanted to show honor to the shoulders that hold us aloft.


Like my Grandpa Tipton and the litany of other Ancestors I’ve encountered. The mention of their names generates a respect that is above repute, knowing that the fortitude of my Ancestors is alive and well is nothing short of redemptive.

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