Finding the Glorious Ones – Those love frequencies

It is said that if you set something to music – then it will eventually find its way into the subconscious and the conscious mind.

For example, we can recall the lyrics and jingles of yesteryear – remembering where we were, who we were with and even the smells and the sights with uncanny precision.

However, it is my contention that laughter is but a medium of music…

“… Music helps because it provides a rhythm and rhyme and sometimes alliteration which helps to unlock that information with cues. It is the structure of the song that helps us to remember it, as well as the melody and the images the words provoke.”

Quote attributed to the BBC Culture essay: “Why does music evoke memories?”

Which is probably why I remember the stories of my folk, sometimes word for word.

Recollections of my Pops, Bigmama, Grandma and em’…

Their words were always infused with a laughter that has always served to make me whole – especially during the Holidays, because gathering provided us with power in numbers, something that I learned that many families are lacking in.

Simply put?

I’ve learned that the power of family… is music for the soul with laughter as the soundtrack.

My family started calling me the Ancestor Whisperer, because it was said that I found my folks, but I’d argue that it was they who found me.

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