Author Notes on Episode 16 – Genealogy or digging at these roots

On Episode 16 of the podcast

As the Incense Burns

I speak on the
role as the
of my

Being the Ancestor Whisperer –
is a lonely path sometimes.


Because everyone
won’t love you.

Sabotage, disaffection and treason
often collides with loyalty
to those who
allowed us to be.

The Elders warned me:

“… It’s gonna be some of our own that will get in yo’ way, just remember who you is. There is a storm coming… our people gonna need what
we got to give you …”

Word from the Elders…
My Grandmother and Great Uncle were stewards of our history… and they handed the torch to me with a mandate to find the others.

And I obeyed.

Take a listen to as I reflect on the winding path… one that wasn’t supposed to be.

Copyright © 2021 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved

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