Allegiance to who?

If love ain’t governed
by love it ain’t going to stick.

Not in my nomenclature to hate
or berate you
being a tool
or a fool
in the devils workshop

Oh no…
let’s call the
cops, not the ones
of local jurisdictions,
but of the
spiritual kind.

We need that
divine order
as we are being lead
to the slaughter.

What of our sons
and daughters?


The conciseness of silence…
tells all.

They love them guns
more than they love
their little ones.

That right to lifing
seems trife
and hypocritical

love for metal
vitriol for man… and yet we don’t understand or fathom

when melodies go silent
the dispersions of static
prove to be anticlimactic

We best hold tight
to what we hold
as ignorance
poses a clear
and present danger –
a threat
festering at the water’s edge.

A grand question,
what or… who
will we rush
to protect?

All hands on deck
what do you profess
allegiance to?

Pick one.

Them little ones or
your godforsaken

Who do we serve?
(Photo inspiration compliments of my fellow scribe K. Washington)

Copyright © 2023 All Rights Reserved


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