The choice: Duty bound or derelict?

Legacy is an operative word and one that is apt to be glossed over. Why? We choose to be blind to the reality of our own mortality - choosing to live life at a leisurely pace instead of being governed by a pressing sense of urgency which would inform us to treat it as the …


Entreaties to the Almighty

Read my heart - traverse the confines extrapolate its intricacies and - lay them at my feet. I long for conquest - as these burdens have rendered me mute and extracted the last measure of power. Strangely enough - truth is always that entity that we run from bemoaning its absence. Standing dumbfounded as it …

The keys to the path

Embarking on a path of sympathy without fortifying ourselves with empathy, is tantamount to having the key to the bottom lock while forgetting the key to the top. And... Expressing dismay - that you're still out in the cold because the door has the audacity not to budge. Copyright © 2015 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved

The query

I implored – knees incumbent to the floor. God sent you for me to adore. Nothing tendered but, aspirations – those profusive dedications at the altar – of you. My vocation of adoration. Copyright © 2015 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved