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Momma, The loftiest weight that I’ve born is to be worthy of the mantle. Of being your son. As I stand humbly, cloaked in the realization that I am you. Knowing that I am truly unworthy of what you have given me. Life – this air I breath. And if I fail as a writer […]

Legacy is an operative word and one that is apt to be glossed over. Why? We choose to be blind to the reality of our own mortality – choosing to live life at a leisurely pace instead of being governed by a pressing sense of urgency which would inform us to treat it as the […]

Read my heart – traverse the confines extrapolate its intricacies and – lay them at my feet. I long for conquest – as these burdens have rendered me mute and extracted the last measure of power. Strangely enough – truth is always that entity that we run from bemoaning its absence. Standing dumbfounded as it […]

That focus on the Most High callously drowns those encumbrances of faith in the wake of grace. Copyright © 2016 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved

Eloquence is tantamount to ventriloquism from the most High. Copyright © 2016 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved

Embarking on a path of sympathy without fortifying ourselves with empathy, is tantamount to having the key to the bottom lock while forgetting the key to the top. And… Expressing dismay – that you’re still out in the cold because the door has the audacity not to budge. Copyright © 2015 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved

I implored – knees incumbent to the floor. God sent you for me to adore. Nothing tendered but, aspirations – those profusive dedications at the altar – of you. My vocation of adoration. Copyright © 2015 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved