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Using words like clubs. as the tongue pierces – the body politic like slugs.     Collateral damage – carpet bombing using words as explosive charges – barrages that explode those fuselages of the mind.     The unworthy wander blithely – Aspiring to be refined.     Taking God’s time – as ours is […]

As I stood here engrossed in thought, wondering. If I aspire to see God’s face. Knowing that this fixation will ensure that I remain unencumbered, by that which would serve to distract me from my freedom. That being said, why is this endeavor wraught with so much difficulty? The distractions of my journey have the […]

I often make allusions to time being an unharnessed entity that is content with sweeping everything and everyone along with it without their consent. More recently I made an observation that: “you can’t keep track of time, but time is surely keeping track of you.” So when the time came for me to drop my […]

As for me consistent inconsistency should be heralded, applauded and embraced, it keeps me nimble. Human beings are fickle and the pedestals we place them on are often of shoddy quality as the materials that we use, are often comprised of our expectations. I use to despair of the travails of life, until I realized […]

The pocket neighborhood on the Northwest side of Chicago where I grew up and forged bonds that I will have the rest of my life has defined me. Me and my counterparts affectionately refer to the neighborhood as the “Square” and it is where my heart and some of my greatest affinities lie. The people […]

Hostage to hypocritical notions devotion versus revocation pontificating for parole… A belabored soul endeavoring to gain while securing nothing, but lamentations of battles lost. Aspiring for the exigency of grace to combat the improbable. Rising up, infused… Bearing witness to petitions of affirmations that… My soul ain’t for sale. Copyright © 2015 ShunPwrites. All Rights […]

Oh life… I’ve stopped keeping score, understanding that the odds are in your favor. Understanding that the idea of my having modicum of control over the events that govern my trajectory is an illusion. I begrudgingly… No, I cheerfully accept my position in the passenger seat as your student. Copyright © 2015 ShunPwrites. All Rights […]