Humanity: An exercise in consistent inconsistency


Is it time that someone leveled with humanity and gave it some unapologetic and much needed honesty? Is it safe to say that this proclamation won’t come from a technologically advanced civilization residing light-years away from us? I wouldn’t rule much of anything out, but until that pivotal moment in human history comes to pass I will have to be that begrudging voice of reason… Am I naïve enough to believe that I am the only person to arrive at this conclusion? Certainly not, but nonetheless it must be said, again…

Humanity you are full of sss… Something special, but before I continue on this soliloquy, I will inject a disclaimer before rambling on. Last time I checked I am guilty as charged, in lieu of being a native resident of the planet Earth and a human by definition, I am full of ssss… Something special as well, that special ingredient that I am alluding to is hypocrisy, plain and simple.

 Although we are often blissfully unaware of our inclination to narcissism and the self destruction that is often left in its wake, we often wonder aloud why we find ourselves going to hell in a hand basket, when we simply just need to look in the mirror.

It is my hope that humanity forgives my candor, but the proof is echoed through the annals of history. If anything we are consistently inconsistent, tellingly we always seem to follow through on our inhumanity to each other. Hypocrisy seems to be encoded in our DNA, but despite the historical record we continue to insist that we have a capacity for good, but is the capacity for good that we often allude to more of a figment of our imagination?

In humanity’s wake we have countless instances of wars, slavery, genocide, racism, intolerance, economic inequalities, and corruption on a global scale as the short list of the legacy of the human race. Oddly enough we continue to refer to ourselves as intelligent beings… My Grandmother has a saying that “sometimes you can be so smart that you’re stupid” it is my contention that humanity falls perfectly into this category.

A more recent example of consistent stupidity falls into the realm of the political institutions in the United States. The argument for the 2 party system in the United States has always been that it has it worked, but over the past couple of years we have seen nothing but ongoing battles over personal slights, both real and imagined, with the business of the “American people” taking a backseat to the pissing contest that American politicians like to revel in, much to dismay of the people that they are alledgely in service of. Sadly, the echoes of George Washington’s Farewell address where he warned of political parties being a disrupting influence to the Union has fallen on deaf ears. But at least we are consistent!


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