Momma: Reflections from your son on your Birthday.


As a grown man, I can look back with clarity on years that have elapsed and for the life of me, I am at a loss as to what thought process was running through my head as a child.

Many people reflect back on their respective childhoods with recollections of the difficulties that they burdened their parents with, I’m no different in that respect but I am inclined to think that the Lord was truly looking out for me in the blessing that he provided in the guise of my Mother.

As I reflect on the person that my Momma is on her birthday, I am hard pressed on what I did to deserve to be the child of such a blatantly unselfish person. More often than not when I was growing up, I took the litany of sacrifices that she made on the behalf of me and my siblings for granted.

To say that I was a bad kid; would be the understatement of the century, but through it all she never gave in to the chorus of those who would brand me as an irredeemable wild child to be thrown on the proverbial trash heap. Despite all of the conferences with the teachers, principals and the countless disciplinary issues that I dropped at her feet, she was unflinching in relaying the belief that she harbored in me.

My Momma always provided me with unconditional love; the means to pick myself up; fight the good fight and to believe in myself despite the obstacles arrayed in my path. It was her stubborn belief that eventually rubbed off on me, that enabled me to push back the veil of anger, disillusionment and indifference to take the steps toward justifying the faith that she held in me.

Her actions speak to something stronger than simple love, as what I was shown was nothing short of unconditional love, a force that can vanquish anything in its path.

I wish you the Happiest of Birthday’s with the realization that words cannot do justice for what you have unselfishly given me, I love you unconditionally!

6 thoughts on “Momma: Reflections from your son on your Birthday.

  1. “…unconditional love…”

    You mentioned this twice. Yes, true love is unconditional. Unfortunately, most approach love as a contract.

    A beautiful “reflection” about your Momma’s love for and belief in you.

    Thank you for “following” my blog, Shun, and I’m doing likewise.


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