The chains of Black Friday


As I stood 190 feet up ruminating, I was briefly overcome with emotion as I realized, the power that lies in the majesty of nature. Being in the confines and away from all of the connectivity is where I get the clarity of finding, myself.

I was overcome while standing here because I realized that “Black Friday” isn’t merely a shopping day, it is a day that marks the depravity, a tumor on the body of humanity.

A mere day after being “thankful” for what we have we go out like automaton’s to shop, simply because we were told to do so.

As I stood here with the wind whipping past my face… I wondered silently, what if we were compelled to:

Read a book.

Aspire to look on humanity as a whole rather than in myopic segments.

Well… I guess that is just stupid, the air up here must be too thin.

As for me, I have to give Black Friday the only thing I can, the finger. Interestingly enough, the end of this cliff looks like a finger, doesn’t it?

Divine intervention, is it not?




  1. karengadient says:

    Love this. Totally agree.


    1. shunpwrites says:

      A sad testament, isn’t it Karen?


  2. I love it, but I also think that the collective consciousness is changing…


    1. shunpwrites says:

      We can only hope my friend!


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