A letter of acknowledgement entitled – Momma & Daddy

Momma, Daddy…


Nothing is wrong, but the spirit moved me to say.

Thank you…

For what?

For everything…

Often, I wake up in the morning and instead of seeing myself in the mirror, I see the both of you and I am inspired. In retrospect I did notice, but I marveled as you both stood as unflappable, immovable objects against a crescendo of what was said that I could not achieve… I so often heard “can’t, could not, would not and never” from an infrastructure that was supposed to hold me up more times than I care to admit, eventually I began to subscribe to what was being foisted on my shoulders.

But… You both held this belief in what I could become, it was your unconditional love that purified and willed me into becoming a vessel that could do something that was consequential… You were infectious and accordingly, I couldn’t wrap my head around the concept of letting either of you down.

I apologize if I contributed to any wrinkles, gray hairs or sleepless nights…

I didn’t know, the naïve vigor of my youth was persuasive in convincing me that I had it all figured out; but time has shown that this was the furthest thing from the truth.

I do know this much.

You were (are) my heroes, my champions…

It is important that I convey how much you’ve meant to me. Because in my travels I’ve encountered many people who are broken and haven’t had the gift of humility that you supplied me with… Much to my dismay there are people who don’t harbor an affinity for their parents and this realization chills to my core.

You told me that it starts at home and spread abroad.”

Don’t expect a standing ovation for doing what you are supposed to do.”

Momma, Daddy…

I see it now.

I know, I accept, I realize…

That neither of you were perfect, but the love that you gave me… And the rest of us, was nothing short of perfect.

Thank you being my parents.

Thank you for being superhuman examples of unadulterated love.

I only wanted to do what seemed to be simple on its surface, but difficult in application…

I just want to make you proud.

And… I will labor tirelessly, because I haven’t matched your contribution, yet.




  1. What a beautiful and loving tribute to your parents!


    1. shunpwrites says:

      Thank you so much, I appreciate your literary patronage Cheryl!


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