Protected: Whispers of my Ancestors – Part II

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A letter of acknowledgement entitled – Momma & Daddy

Momma, Daddy… Nothing is wrong, but the spirit moved me to say. Thank you… For what? For everything… Often, I wake up in the morning and instead of seeing myself in the mirror, I see the both of you and I am inspired. In retrospect I did notice, but I marveled as you both stoodContinue reading “A letter of acknowledgement entitled – Momma & Daddy”

When I think of home…

The word “home” stirs the thick broth of emotions like no other. Home is associated as a place where you feel compelled to let your guard down because it is a place of safety. Regardless of what the news headlines may relay about my hometown, I always feel enveloped in a perpetual state of safetyContinue reading “When I think of home…”