A couple weeks ago I wrote about an incident at the University that my son attends.

A quick recap –

A couple months ago.

Some students saw fit to drape a “confederate” flag on the outside of the door in the dormitory, claiming that it was an entreaty to the student population to engage them in a “conversation” about the indignity of this “American” symbol being impugned.

A couple months later, during the last week of February, some mystery person scrawled a message on the white board of the same door that the “flag” was displayed:

A direct threat against the African-American members of the student body…

To kill all of the N____!

Understandably, I was incensed and concerned as this was the last thing that I expected my son to contend with in the halls of learning.

A couple of days after publishing “Stepping out from behind the Shield“, one of the young men who lived in the room reached out commenting on the piece.

Expressing a desire – to get his point across and in doing so, he essentially doubled down on the intolerance and ignorance that this symbol represents.

What I found especially galling was his claim of not being aware of the history surrounding the flag and the backlash that ensued because of it.

In his discourse he wondered (in paraphrase):

Why are people looking at me like a narrow-minded bigot?

When I responded to his entreaty and he replied shortly thereafter, his demeanor was markedly different as he stated that he came to my E-domain to get his:

Point across and not to get a history lecture from me.”

Was he to be pitied, as a victim in a situation that he served as proverbial fuse for?

I found his contention to be laughable at best, so I deleted the exchanges.

Besides, this is ShunPwrites.com (at least it was last time I checked).

Stand by…

I just did a double check and it still is...

In lieu of this incident going small scale viral on social media, a local TV station picked up on it, interviewed my son and did a report on it.

The only way that racism, intolerance and its kindred spirits can be vanquished is by the empowered acting a mirror to its rancid countenance.

We are better than this – aren’t we?

If we aren’t – shouldn’t we be?

Writer, poet, possessor of 2 cents, blogger, recovering corporate animal and eternal student of life, who harbors a firm belief in his Grandmother's mantra that: "People need to get off of their rump and do something". All while keeping in mind that a cheering section will only get in the way.

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