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The most powerful thing about friendship is the perspective that it affords us in realizing that old adage of: “See your friends, see yourself”. The dynamics of friendship is something littered through much of my writing. It has always been a tightly held contention of mine that friendship is one of the elemental forces that […]

The pocket neighborhood on the Northwest side of Chicago where I grew up and forged bonds that I will have the rest of my life has defined me. Me and my counterparts affectionately refer to the neighborhood as the “Square” and it is where my heart and some of my greatest affinities lie. The people […]

The living room was silent with the exception of their disparate breathing and the creaking of the floor. The three of them stood at attention waiting with baited breath. Being in formation was a ritual of sorts for these 3 brothers – standing in chronological order as their father towered over them.   The room […]

As I sat here and pondered, I came to terms with something that I’ve often swept under the proverbial rug; my complicity in sabotaging my own success. Getting out of my own way, is like communism, in that it only works in theory. Who wants to admit that they are their own worst enemy? Coming […]