Finding the Glorious Ones – The Journal

“… because her knees would never bend …”

The wholeness

Wasting entreaties on pieces of the puzzle – rather than tendering prayers to be made “whole” as God’s grace can’t be supported by “fractions”. Copyright © 2016 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved

Echoes of silence

Arid plains reek of desolation as winds of life waft an acrid stench of heartbroken failure tinged with insignificance, encumbered by cognizance of opportunities lost – those words, actions cut like swords that imprison like a Bastille. Someone said – I’m having a horrible life… No retort for staying the course – as the silenceContinue reading “Echoes of silence”

Walking away from it, to get towards it – An epiphany

Being enamored of the view from above is a double edged sword, but I can’t let the beauty of the vantage point, work in concert with fear to immobilize and prevent me from making the foray into the valley, where the treasures are stored.

The art of creating

My passions are clustered closely together, sharing the commonality of creation. Whether it is my excursions into the depths of nature, earnestly searching for the face of God, but being content with hearing his heartbeat. Or my cobbling together of words in an effort to make sense of my place, my role on this planet.Continue reading “The art of creating”