Yours is for you – A poem of reflection

The path traveled is – My own. Those lessons procured – My own. The strength exerted – My own. The manifestion of that which empowers me – My own. That revelation of grace – My own. Arriving at that place of consequence knowing that it is right those burdens and triumphs that oscillate with aggravatingContinue reading “Yours is for you – A poem of reflection”

Calling for the timeout

Struggled much faltered more the pinnacle beckons while hecklers hurtle those dispersions that assail the confines of my mind standing redeemed in the fermenting faith that is your grace acting as a guide as I beseech. Just give me some time so your grace can refine. Copyright © 2016 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved

What hides beneath

Under the guise of spurious smiles – animosity thrives. Hollow gestures flower running counter to true nature. As words likened to pebbles impinge like boulders shoulders weary from burdens foisted by others as the illusion dissipates. The piracy of adoration ensues leaving egos not bruised but shattered. Copyright © 2016 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved

Taking the call

When the Almighty calls don’t dodge the summons.   Running – like Jonah. As cowardice offers solace.   The storm ensues – the tempest rages and the pages won’t turn –   swallowed whole by the enormity of the burdens –   too big for our comprehension but proven simple against the dimension of God.Continue reading “Taking the call”

Facing grace

Trip, stumble, fall languishing through it all but – I call on your beneficent omnipotence. Lord… I am not unlike a flower – desirous of the rays – that irradiation of your grace. Searching dutifully for your face. Copyright © 2016 ShunPwrites. All Rights Reserved

The pangs of ugly

Indescribable likened to failure. Impossibilities abound as reality harkens all things to all people knowing but denying that all ugliness of this world endeavors to obfuscate the light. Never enunciating or laying claim to the spirit of abdication declaring “The whole world is against you, why bother?” while piercing screams echo with forceful reminders ThatContinue reading “The pangs of ugly”