Backstage – Sammy’s introduction

Sammy surveyed his surroundings backstage and he was calm; serene even, not unlike a Buddhist monk in the confines of a remote monastery. But, he couldn’t shake the nagging pull of logic dictating that he should be nervous, as he was in uncharted territory. On the other hand maybe it was possible that he wasContinue reading “Backstage – Sammy’s introduction”

The politics of politics or looking out for yourself, simply put

As I watch the gridlock in Washington D.C with a healthy combination of disgust and resignation, I can’t help but to muse about what a great job it must be, to serve (or serve yourself) as a national politician. Like a politician, I’ve been apt to run my piehole endlessly without saying anything of consequenceContinue reading “The politics of politics or looking out for yourself, simply put”

Choices: Chasing immortality or treasuring our time?

Growing up in Chicago, I took for granted the power that nature can serve in providing much needed clarity in the light sped muddle that often passes as our lives. That is not to say that Chicago was absent of natural splendor, the beauty that is showcased in the parks and the lakefront is withoutContinue reading “Choices: Chasing immortality or treasuring our time?”

The act of living… On borrowed time.

Throughout my life my life I’ve had more than my share of close calls, at the conclusion of each event, I’ve always dusted myself off and chuckled at my good fortune and kept it moving. This year wasn’t any different than my previous episodes on this planet, except that my own mortality gave me theContinue reading “The act of living… On borrowed time.”

A bright side to the World ending on December 21st

I have a confession to make… Admittedly, I am feeling guilty (not really) for listening to those beating the drums for the world coming to an end on December 21st, it is the contention of many people that any action that we take is all for naught, so we shouldn’t bother to expend any additionalContinue reading “A bright side to the World ending on December 21st”

The heroism of Teaching and how a teacher saved me

The recent school shooting in Connecticut, draws attention to one of the noblest, selfless, yet underappreciated professions in our society; teachers. One would be remiss not to recall how a teacher has motivated them to push the envelope to reach plateaus that might not have been reached otherwise. Any attempt to make sense out ofContinue reading “The heroism of Teaching and how a teacher saved me”