Protected: Earning a degree in Humility

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Keeping my balance

Pride and humility have been two elements that have had a tenuous a tug-of-war battle of sorts in my life. Strangely enough, they have experienced difficulty with their co-existence, much to my dismay. In my life I have had a heavy servings of pride, but not unlike a child with a mandate to eat hisContinue reading “Keeping my balance”

A coupon for my humanity

I woke up this morning and grumbled as my eyes adjusted to the light flowing in through the window. I let out a supersonic groan of sorts, noticing that it was snowing lead to me covering my head with the blanket. It was apparent that my hate/hate relationship with snow would continue in earnest. IContinue reading “A coupon for my humanity”

The timeless nature of music & my search for Brazilica

When I was a kid there was an album that my Father would always play on the record player that I resigned myself to being lost to the ages, I wasn’t any older than 4 years old, so it is safe to say that I hadn’t mastered the art of connecting a name to aContinue reading “The timeless nature of music & my search for Brazilica”

A kick in pants from God with my cousin used as the vessel – A short story

Sometimes I fear that this book has a life of its own. At other times I have the sneaking suspicion that it would be content to remain nebulous and untold. But, this is a request that I am unable to honor. I was awakened from a light sleep that was brought about from my frustrationContinue reading “A kick in pants from God with my cousin used as the vessel – A short story”

My thoughts on being nominated for a Liebster Award

I have been the recipient of many awards and accolades during my time on the Planet Earth, but there is nothing that I hold in higher esteem than someone harboring a belief that I am a “good” writer, knowing that something that I pounded out on my laptop has either empowered, elicited a chuckle orContinue reading “My thoughts on being nominated for a Liebster Award”