A perfect love – An ode to parenting

The concept of the perfect parent in the mold of Donna Reed or the sage wisdom of Cliff Huxtable is a sad fallacy that many, if not all people who hold the title of parent can never hope to achieve.

The Cosby show The Donna Reed Show

It has been a contention of mine over the years, especially in lieu of time enveloping me in the arms of wisdom. That the concept of a perfect parent is an unattainable pipe dream that is laughable at best; I have stumbled, tripped, fumbled, mumbled, learned on the job and now it seems that I may have this parent thing figured out.

Who me?
Who me?

Drum roll please….

It comes down to realizing that I don’t need to have it all figured out at once, but knowing that I do need to have the core ingredient. And that would be love, unequivocal love; this a necessary a shield of sorts, especially when your child enters the confines of their teenage years

I look at my parents and accept the reality that they were far from perfect and I see myself in them, flaws and all… But looking past the flaws, I see something greater and far more relevant. And again, I see myself, clearly.

My parents exhibited perfect love and I always knew that I was loved unconditionally, as it was this element that saved me many times over.

The gravity of the realness, the efficacy of love is sustaining, it is nurturing… It is the love that is unconditional, selfishness and inspiring that is perfect.

The concept of a perfect parent is still something that we hopelessly aspire to, yet but perfect love is not. It is the reality of perfect love that I hope has been conveyed to my son along with the distinct honor that I have in being his Father.



  1. JRosemarie says:

    Well said. Without love it impossible to be a parent. It is that love that keeps you from abandoning your children when you are scared and life is kicking you in the rear.


    1. shunpwrites says:

      Indeed it is JRosemarie, the biggest thing that I think goes over our heads, is that we are growing up with our kids as well.


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