I used to have it all figured out, until one day I didn’t.

Living in the moment is a fallacy.

Sit your rump down somewhere – A wake up call

I’ve often made mention of the high esteem that I hold my late paternal Grandmother and my Great Aunt in. I have the distinction of them serving as my Guardian Angels and my muses – as they consistently provide me an inexhaustible source of inspiration, guidance and if that wasn’t enough, ensuring that I survivedContinue reading “Sit your rump down somewhere – A wake up call”

The ties that bind – A birthday poem for my sister

When my opponents were arrayed against me. You stood as My sole proponent. Without you I can’t quantify or fathom the concept of me. Laughing, crying, confiding. Ingredients to the ties that bind. Which runs counter to infinitesimal and can never be loosened or pulled asunder. My sister.   Happy Birthday sis!

The timeless nature of music & my search for Brazilica

When I was a kid there was an album that my Father would always play on the record player that I resigned myself to being lost to the ages, I wasn’t any older than 4 years old, so it is safe to say that I hadn’t mastered the art of connecting a name to aContinue reading “The timeless nature of music & my search for Brazilica”

A perfect love – An ode to parenting

The concept of the perfect parent in the mold of Donna Reed or the sage wisdom of Cliff Huxtable is a sad fallacy that many, if not all people who hold the title of parent can never hope to achieve. It has been a contention of mine over the years, especially in lieu of timeContinue reading “A perfect love – An ode to parenting”

What time is it?

For every period of our life we are governed by a mantra of sorts, that proverbial soundtrack that we inexplicably march to, it is that indescribable feeling that implores us to plunge ahead regardless of the obstacles that may obfuscate our vision. The mantra for this period of my life has been “that a cheeringContinue reading “What time is it?”