Daddy, I wanted you to know – A Father’s Day tribute

At the time had I realized the gravity of not having a Dad around and the earnestness that was omnipresent in your voice when you recalled how your own Father was largely absent when you and your siblings were growing up, it would have shaken me to the core.

Fortunately for me, this was never a cross that I had to bear, as you were always there for me.

Me and my Dad

You are my hero, you have influenced me in ways that I cannot enunciate and I cannot express my gratitude adequately. I pray that you will not be ensnared in this false notion of perfection, as it is our human frailty that often serves as a prison of our own making.

When I was a child and I faltered, you provided an unconditional love that was infectious and served to bring me back from what could have been a very slippery slope. I didn’t want to be a thug, drifter, a person governed by his anger, I only wanted to make you proud. You told me to keep the faith and in doing so, I would be able to accomplish amazing things, and you were right.

I appreciate the foundation that you laid for me. The speeches littered with references to being a Youngblood, making me write “I will be intelligent” 100 times on college ruled notebook paper, taking us to the museum campus upon request and especially making me read that entire set of World Book Encyclopedias we had in the living room.
I can’t thank you enough for the many sacrifices that you made and I hope that I justified that the faith that you placed in me.

However, those marathons that you made me run when I got in trouble still give me the cold sweats. I can’t stand to be in the vicinity of a marathon to this day, did I miss the lesson that you were trying to impart?

Now, the only running that I will consider is reserved to securing my escape from any mysterious machete wielding person who might choose to pursue me…

Was this the lesson?

Happy Father’s Day Daddy!



  1. Hey Shun P, what an uplifting and moving tribute to your father. I enjoyed reading this. Have a great day!


    1. shunpwrites says:

      Thanks Will, I appreciate that my friend.


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