Walking into the arms of empowerment

It is easy to forget and in the same vein, it is just as easy to remember and to take solace in the victories that are strewn in our path, often all it requires is a quick look back, but summoning the past can sometimes be an ordeal.


Life is more than a series of connected actions, it is a journey, one that requires active participation if full utilization of the effort is to be procured.

My daily, weekly and monthly routines can often become toxic and I resolved that I would not give “routine” the liberty of power over me. So I injected a “routine” to counter the “routine” that was slowly killing my peace, creativity and purpose.


State parks are my guilty addiction and if you are a regular reader you are probably familiar with the allusions to my vice.

So I walk…

I walk, until I am lost inside of the confines of the labyrinthian maze of my thoughts, as I slowly make my way out of them I take an element of clarity with me.


This past weekend in the Patapsco Valley I came to the realization that burdens don’t have to be carried, instead those burdens can be set down, right where you stand and left to lanquish, instead of allowing “it” to infect my person.

I have a proclivity to being petty which lends to my tendency to hold grudges, sometimes for years on end. Remembering the minutiae of even the most insignificant slight would be my mutant ability if was a X-man and admittedly it is quite the burden to bear.


As the sounds of the water drowned out the burdens I carried with me, I was faced with an epiphany of sorts…

It was an understanding, that these grudges that I cling to with dear life will ultimately impede me from getting to where I need to be, coming face to face with it was a hard reality to digest.

I had sand in my shoe, so I removed it and took a seat and pondered on the gravity of this revelation. As I sat on a rock, in a middle of a stream, enjoying nature’s potent “cup” of “Shutchoface” I smiled as the realization dawned on me, that my “routine”, my excursions always seem to place me on a rock in the middle of a stream, river or the like…


There is nothing more powerful than getting popped upside the head by the mighty hand God and being told… “Look!” The consistency of these “divine pops” is uncanny and reflecting on them serves as a testament to what the Almighty has empowered me to overcome on this ongoing journey of mine.

Looking clarity in its face and marveling at it, savoring the victories that have risen from the ashes of what I thought to be blistering defeats. Is the gift that keeps on giving.

So I walk… Being empowered with each step.


  1. Uncle Tree says:

    This is an excellent write, dude. 🙂 I do LIKE it. Very well versed.


    1. shunpwrites says:

      Thank you sir, I truly appreciate you taking the time to read it!

      Liked by 1 person

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