The Omen in the laundry room

“… in my direction at a high speed …”

My letter to God – Is it blasphemy to place you in a box?

God… Lord… Master of all I survey and then some… You have many names and yet you respond to all of them, don’t you? I’ve wrestled with these feelings for some time now and as you know it came to a head this afternoon. I was in church. I was in your house, I wasContinue reading “My letter to God – Is it blasphemy to place you in a box?”

I used to have it all figured out, until one day I didn’t.

Living in the moment is a fallacy.

Sit your rump down somewhere – A wake up call

I’ve often made mention of the high esteem that I hold my late paternal Grandmother and my Great Aunt in. I have the distinction of them serving as my Guardian Angels and my muses – as they consistently provide me an inexhaustible source of inspiration, guidance and if that wasn’t enough, ensuring that I survivedContinue reading “Sit your rump down somewhere – A wake up call”

Prayer – You can’t put it in a box

One of my readers, that I have the dual privilege of being a subscriber to his blog as well asked me to expand on a statement that I made previously about prayer being an action, it was an epiphany of sorts as I’ve come to the realization that prayer is more than a stoic actContinue reading “Prayer – You can’t put it in a box”