Choices: Chasing immortality or treasuring our time?

Growing up in Chicago, I took for granted the power that nature can serve in providing much needed clarity in the light sped muddle that often passes as our lives. That is not to say that Chicago was absent of natural splendor, the beauty that is showcased in the parks and the lakefront is withoutContinue reading “Choices: Chasing immortality or treasuring our time?”

Harboring hatred towards stupidity when love isn’t enough

It is often said that “HATE” is a strong word. But what else encapsulates the feeling that we are forced to contend with when we encounter actions that are the opposite of LOVE? The news headlines that flash across the screens of our computers, tablets, smart phones and the like become more sordid by the moment.Continue reading “Harboring hatred towards stupidity when love isn’t enough”

My brief career as a scam artist

  Admittedly, I still harbor some deep seated guilt, it serves as a throbbing acknowledgement that I took people for granted and sold them a bill of goods in exchange for a generous bonus in concert with a salary that wasn’t too shabby at that juncture in my professional life. No, I didn’t sell drugsContinue reading “My brief career as a scam artist”

Seeing the Big picture: Finding YOU when you’re lost

How often do we permit ourselves that time that we truly need to wrap ourselves around this journey we often mislabel as life? Our time on this planet is temporary, but our ability to leave something lasting; something eternal that precedes our time here is often lost on many of us. During this journey ofContinue reading “Seeing the Big picture: Finding YOU when you’re lost”

Control doesn’t have to be an illusion

When life ceases to make sense and routines threaten to drive a wedge between me and sanity, there are few courses of action. When I was young, the frustrations of what I felt was out of my realm of control would often lead to tears of frustration and anger. As an adult, I’ve learned toContinue reading “Control doesn’t have to be an illusion”

Don’t ever forget to detox from life…

Life is toxic, sometimes you have to get away from the daily routine… And people, for the purpose of allowing yourself space to think, to truly flesh out the things that are unfolding around you.   I’ve had a fixation on my parents as of late, in that I realize that they were right aboutContinue reading “Don’t ever forget to detox from life…”