The recipe of our lessons

The greatest lessons procured are out of the ashes of humility. I am thankful for situations conceived in the confines of pain and disaffection that become instructive – as it is our trials and tribulations that peel away the proverbial layers of the onion. My recalcitrance has been worn away by the corrosive properties ofContinue reading “The recipe of our lessons”

Entreaties to the Almighty

Read my heart – traverse the confines extrapolate its intricacies and – lay them at my feet. I long for conquest – as these burdens have rendered me mute and extracted the last measure of power. Strangely enough – truth is always that entity that we run from bemoaning its absence. Standing dumbfounded as itContinue reading “Entreaties to the Almighty”

Making our payment

The teacher is quiet during the test.