Dearest Chicago – Talking out loud

Dearest Chicago, I’ve written about the affinity that I have for you on a number of occasions, most recently in a well-received tome that I penned during a flight home last year. Unfortunately, it seems that I can always count on you for being in the news for all of the wrong reasons. The latestContinue reading “Dearest Chicago – Talking out loud”

The poison of naiveté

Naiveté vice, strength and weakness.   Affording sustenance to the cruel illusion of could, can, will.   Aspirational notions push past – hollow enunciations of practicality in conflict with reality.   Ambrosial lies of supremacy obscure common ground as haughty inebriation propels the assembled towards the cathedra – to be seated – as wanton blindnessContinue reading “The poison of naiveté”

An excerpt from the chapter – Back of the Class

Teaching has to be one of the most under-appreciated professions. On the other side of the coin you have politicians serving in the U.S Congress collecting 6 figure salaries for doing a negligible amount of work. It would seem that their essential focus is oriented towards raising money, consolidating their power and staying in office.Continue reading “An excerpt from the chapter – Back of the Class”

Harboring treasonous thoughts or not?

In a world where the foundation is skewed towards the slow erosion of our humanity in exchange for likes and shares. I find that I have grown jaded, much to my dismay. Endeavoring to be consequential is met with a proverbial rolling of the eyes. Where admitting that you are a flawed, malleable, yet functioningContinue reading “Harboring treasonous thoughts or not?”

A soliloquy of appreciation

You have been my cheerleading section.