Wanderings in the Land of the Rising Sun – Part III

“… the A Bomb site in Hiroshima …”

Under the Baobab Tree

I’ve been at a loss for words as of late. This is something that commonly happens when I go too long between excursions. Silence… Has escaped me. Silence. Affords me a clarity that I am unable to get elsewhere. The static of the daily becomes toxic and overwhelming, leaving me useless. Last week while inContinue reading “Under the Baobab Tree”

So I found myself … Now what?

This picture sums up the week I spent on the Big Island. Awe inspiring; breathtaking, invigorating and reflective are some of the adjectives that come to mind. In retrospect, I was lost but was able to find myself here, but up to this point I was shamefully oblivious to the fact that I’ve been wastingContinue reading “So I found myself … Now what?”